Sunday, April 5, 2009

Method of Consumption

There are several methods for consumption of Gynura Procumbens. There is no straight and fast rule on method to consume Gynura Procumbens. According to what I have heard from the patients taking it, I shall suggest 3 methods for the preparation of Gynura Procumbens before consumption.

1) The most effective way - EAT IT RAW. Wash the Gynura Procumbens leaf before consumption. The extracts of the leaf is proven to be the substance that can reduce the sugar level in the blood. To absorb the supplement directly from eating it raw is a highly recommended method of consumption.

2) Dry the leaves and consume like tea. Gynura Procumbens leaves can be sun-dried and preserved like tea leaves. However, as mentioned earlier, the extracts of the leaves are the vital extract for this supplement; this method may not be as effective as the earlier one mentioned above.

3) Soaked the leaves into alcohol and preserved it. Consume the leaves as required. I personally never recognized and recommend this method. Diabetes Mellitus patients are highly likely to suffer from kidney failure as a side effect. However, alcohol is never a intake for kidney. This is why I strongly discourage patients from using this method despite it is widely used by many.

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Gynura Procumbens - A wonder for daibetes patient

Dear friends, especially diabetes melllitus patient

I would love to share with you this interesting plant which I have recently brought in for my grandmother - a long-term diabetes mellitus patient. Her medical condition is nothing short of complexity. Her kidney is failing her, with only 16% functioning. Any worsen in kidney condition will require her kidney dialysis treatment and rehabilitation on a frequent basis. I was told diabetes mellitus patient may face a high chance of suffering from kidney failure.

She has been a hypertension patient for many years too. Her regularly visits to the doctors in hospital will issue her dozen of medicine which can be confusing. Her hypertension medicine is not helping and could deteriorate her kidney and diabetes conditions. The doctor will normally increase or reduce dosage depending on her conditions and the result of blood test she took earlier on.

I am not here to introduce an 85 year old lady to you; I am here to introduce Grnura Procumbens to you. After consuming Grnura Procumbens for 3 months, my grandmother’s diabetic condition has improved significantly. After consumption, my grandmother condition in the doctor’s record has always been distinctions. It is dramatic but not to the extent that her diabetes mellitus is cured or her entire kidney starts functioning again. However, her health condition has been perfect considering her age. I am just please that I have bring in such a product for everyone healthcare.